Teens hear 5-year-old was kidnapped in their community, track down car by bike and save girl's life

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I find it amazing that sometimes we get this little hunch and it turns out to be exactly what we thought it would be.

That’s the story about Temar Boggs, a 15-year-old, hanging out in Lancaster, Pennsylvania when he noticed a suspicious looking car, followed it on his bike and rescued a kidnapped 5-year-old.


He followed this suspicious car because recently on the news , 5-year-old, Jocelyn Rojas had gone missing. The child was last seen playing in her front yard and the parents have reasonable suspicions that it was a kidnapping.

Boggs said it was really suspicious when the car kept driving in and out of the small streets of the neighborhood. This caught the teen’s attention because it looked as if the car was trying to avoid cops posted at the ends of the street.


Temar then decided to chase the car on his bicycle, he eventually got close enough to see the little girl inside the car and make eye contact with the driver. Upon making eye contact with the Temar, the driver was frightened and decide to release the little child.

“She runs to my arms and said, ‘I need to see my mommy,’” Boggs said. The teenager then escorted her to the police who then reunited her with her family. The community is calling Boggs a hero and I believe he really is one.


Although Temar saved the child’s life, the male suspect is still on the loose. He is described to be between the ages of 50-70, driving a maroon car with round taillights and walks with a limp. Its frightening to think that this man hasn’t been caught yet, but we’re glad Jocelyn is safe.

An unbelievable hunch from a young, 15-year-old, teen who saved this little child’s life. A heroic act from someone so young– bless this child’s heart.

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